Silly Boy

We’re enjoying summer right now. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the pool and something became readily apparent. Our guy needs swim lessons. He is a holy terror around the water–jumping in without waiting to see if Mom and Dad are paying attention and giving me a heart attack even while wearing a life jacket. I made some calls today and found a Mommy and Me swim class that we can start when we get back from the shore.

Fortunately, the ocean will be much colder than the water at home…so I don’t think any of us will be doing much more than dipping our toes.

Today has been spent packing and doing laundry, getting ready for some time away. J has been working hard for the past month and it will be great to spend some time together relaxing.

Morgan changes every day and is turning into quite the comedian. I will do a two year update when we get home as his birthday is 2 weeks away!

Our friend Doug will be here that week and I am so excited to see him! Jeremy’s college roommate is very dear to us and it is his first visit to the desert 🙂 My hubbie is very excited to try out the new pool basketball hoop that he got for Father’s Day!



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2 responses to “Silly Boy

  1. steph

    My daughter started swim lessons pretty young. She's six now and can swim like a fish. The younger the better.

    Have a great time at the shore.

  2. James and Melissa

    That's great that you are doing a swim class. How fun! Have a great time this week.

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