Nana Ellen brought a cake to the shore to celebrate!

Just a year ago…

My baby boy

What to say about the little bug at two??

He’s wonderful, amazing, delightful and funny!
(Note–the bullets below kept going all Wonky and I am tired of trying to fix them!)
  • Loves to read books–favorites are Dr. Seuss, Goodnight Moon, and Snuggle Puppy
  • Says the funniest things, like “excuse me” when barreling past someone or wagging his finger at poor Claire saying “No no no Claire–my ______(insert cookie, cracker)

    Still loves avocados and will eat nearly a whole one.

  • Weighs 21 lbs…sigh. still wearing some 6-12 month pants but seems a bit taller. I will let you know after the pediatrician visit!
  • Loves the water–jumps happily into the pool, played in the ocean waves, splish splashes in the tub until forced to leave. Our boy is a water bug!
  • Snuggles, gives kisses, and still prefers to be carried when at all possible. What can I say? He’s still light enough to tote and I love it!
  • Learning to use a spoon, but needs help here and there if something is messy and he doesn’t want to use his fingers.
  • Might be ready for potty training. Has expressed interest in sitting on the potty and taking diaper off…but still a bit unclear on what to do once he’s there.
  • Goes back and forth between very easy to put to bed and very tough. Travel usually throws him for a loop for a few days.
  • Flies like a champ. I think we are nearing 30 flights now and he does a great job napping or playing with crayons and sticker books. We rarely have to haul out the DVD!
  • Has a love affair with “Dora” and sings “Dooo dee doo doo Dora” and dances to request a show.
  • Still has wild and crazy hair when he wakes… I love it and cannot bear to cut it!
  • Is very nurturing. Feeds bottles to stuffed animals, places them in stroller, shopping car, car seat and covers with a blanket for naps.
  • Says “sorry” and “thank you” and “please” most of the time.

  • Has a beautiful smile with the prettiest white teeth.

  • Is a social butterfly. He cheerily waves hello to the front desk lady at daycare and when he enters his class, the kids swarm him with hugs and say “Hi Morgan”. He still thrives in the company of other children. I love to watch him interact.


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5 responses to “Two!

  1. Jenn

    Happy Belated Birthday, Morgan!!! look how big you are! 🙂

  2. Kelli

    *sniff* I can't believe the sweet boy is 2. Happy belated birthday Morgan!

  3. Laura

    Happy birthday, Morgan (a few days late)! You're SO darn adorable. I can't believe you're two already!

  4. James and Melissa

    Ahh.. I'm glad that Morgan had a great birthday. Wow, I can't believe he's two years old!

  5. Laurie

    Happy belated birthday Morgan!!! You are SO handsome!

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