The last month of Summer….

Don’t you love how absorbed Claire is by Daddy’s story??

After my last post, no doubt everyone is imagining me with a champagne glass in hand…wittily bantering with a new group of fabulous friends. Truth is, things have been quiet here. I have finally finished putting together Morgan’s life book this past week–struggling mightily with software and digging up old photos that were nearly lost in the great computer crash of 09.

We are also getting ready for Morgan to start at a new preschool this fall. I’ve picked out the cutest backpack by Dante Beatrix and I am dying to purchase the matching suitcase. As much as we travel I know we would get our money’s worth…however, my luck with luggage is nothing but BAD. I’ve been through two expensive suitcases in the past 4 years and am now sporting a Tar*get special that (unfortunately) hasn’t let me down. It seems that the better the suitcase the worse the airlines luggage crew treats it. Alas…my dream Dante Beatrix suitcase would have to be carry on only and we all know when you fly with kids that you would check your child to avoid carrying on one more blasted thing!
I finished shopping for Morgan’s “back to school wardrobe” online today. Far better than braving the mall traffic–now that Gap and Old Navy ship their goods together! Hurrah! We also scored 2 pairs of sneakers on Zappos–having been told that Morgan’s Crocs were not acceptable playground shoes at the new school. I always have trouble finding little guy shoes in our area and love Zappos because they ship in 24 hours and it is FREE.
On the social side–Morgan and I enjoyed a play date last week with a beautiful little girl from our international adoption play group. Her mom is a Registered Dietitian like me! It was so much fun to hang out with someone that I have a lot in common with.
I was also pleasantly surprised that a new staff member in Jeremy’s department has a 5 year old girl adopted from China. Now, there are four families in his department with internationally adopted children. Watch out! We’re taking over 🙂
I am excited to meet some blogging friends in 2 weeks when Morgan and I travel to see Lee and Zoe, Jenn and Amos, and Emily and Lulu! I have enjoyed following their blogs so much over the past 2 years and can’t wait to meet these ladies and their adorable kiddos 🙂
Like many people lately, I wonder why I am continuing with the blog now that we are home and nothing much is happening…but I keep going because of the fantastic people that I have met along the way. Thank you my friends!


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5 responses to “The last month of Summer….

  1. lee

    HA! I cannot believe you "outed" us! I have been trying to hard to keep it under wraps! We are so excited and cannot wait for you guys to arrive!!! Wahooooo!

    Love the backpack!

  2. Jenn

    I can't wait to see you either! It's just around the corner. Yipppeeee!!


  3. Doug C

    Hey Morgan, I miss watching Dora and Jack and all those other Noggin shows you got me hooked on. I hope you've been teaching your dad some of the great trick shots I taught you with your pool basketball.

  4. Kelli

    I am SO jealous of your trip. So jealous. How fun!

  5. James and Melissa

    Such a cute backpack! Have fun on your trip!

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