New Friends

We had a fantastic visit with Lee and Zoe! Morgan and I were thrilled to spend some time with so many of the families that we speak to online. Zoe, Lulu, and Amos are all such wonderful little kids. Morgan could not stop talking about his new friends…
We also met up with Sharon and Aven and Kelly and Ada–we had a blast playing at the park and at the children’s museum. It was so much fun to connect!
Lee spoiled us rotten while we were there–and took so many gorgeous photos. Morgan and I are going to start pestering Jeremy to let us move closer…



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5 responses to “New Friends

  1. lee

    we loved having you guys! please come again when you can! i think a NC move is definitely in order! 😀
    could be dangerous though…
    you know, with all the nakedness.

  2. Anonymous

    I love the black and white picture! They look like best friends. Sooo Cute!!!
    I am glad you are home safe. Love you. Mom

  3. Jenn

    the first pic looks like the two are on a date. 🙂
    oh, and i too, like the idea of you being a few hundred miles closer.

  4. hotpickles

    NC is a lovely place to live… Ada says C'mon!

  5. Laura

    Great photos! I'm glad you guys had fun!!!!

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