Kick it!

I wanted to wait a few weeks to make sure that Morgan finally did it…but he kicked the bottle!!

The miracle occured while we were visiting Lee and Zoe–I didn’t bring a bottle with  me on the trip because Morgan had slowly been drinking less and less from his night time bottle –preferring instead to drink from his big boy cups. I had bought these cute 4 oz juice cups at the grocery store in bright colors and the tiny size was perfect for his hands. He’s been using those over sippys at meals and they use a similar cup at his daycare.

We were so busy having fun while we were at Lee’s that he never even asked for his bottle. One night he asked for milk and I gave him a glass to gulp down and then he was ready to sleep.


old photo from last spring–so cute!



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3 responses to “Kick it!

  1. Carol Rowlett

    Hooray, I am so proud of him! He is such a big boy now… is the potty. Tell him Nana says hello and I love him.

  2. Way to go Morgan!

    Can I have your password please?

  3. Ivonne

    YAY!!! Morgan, what a big boy. I miss you. Love you.

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