Oh the places you will go


My guy is changing so quickly–too quickly, if you ask me!

I have watched in amazement as his language takes leaps and bounds showing the budding little intellect inside. Last night, he made the connection between chickens and chicken nuggets (cough cough).

Morgan also made his first toy request. He has this adorable way of cocking his head to the side when he wants something and asks so sweetly “Thomas?”

Yup–Thomas the Train. Those oh so expensive little Train sets that I didn’t even know he knew about. We don’t watch Thomas at home, but apparently they talk about it at daycare.  His classroom boasts 2 little Thomas engines and he is always holding one when I pick him up.

Morgan then went on to repeat his request–indicating the lack of Thomas in his toy box very eloquently by searching through it and shrugging–repeating “Thomas Train?” like “Where is it Mama?”

I just choked up. From pride that he is learning so much and so very smart…and sadness that my baby is disappearing while this new little boy emerges.  oh baby, the places you will go….

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  1. It’s awesome to hear how well Morgan is doing. I can’t believe how big he’s getting!

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