Green Smoothie Day 5

In addition to the two families that have joined us with the green smoothie challenge….Jeremy and Morgan both had green smoothies this morning!

Recipe: 1 ripe pear, chopped (unpeeled) 1c frozen blackberries, 3c romaine lettuce, 1c ice, 1c cold water, and a bit of sugar (1.5 T) for the boys who are not as accustomed to the tartness the greens add to the mix!

Morgan’s smoothie yesterday: Recipe: 2 ripe bananas, 1c chocolate soymilk, 1 c ice–Verdict: loved it so much that he yanked the cup out of mommy’s hands and downed between 6-8 oz.

I plan to have mine later in the afternoon since we are on the go again today!



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3 responses to “Green Smoothie Day 5

  1. 1longadventure

    hi jen,

    i made my first green smoothy and drank it this morning. blueberry, pinapple, banana, spinach. pretty good. not too sweet, though. bj had some too. we’re thinking of trying to add some brewers yeast to the next batch for added vitamins + protein. 2 tbls = 16 gr protein, lots of vit b. i’ll let you know how that goes.

  2. 1longadventure

    ok, so i tried the brewers yeast in the smoothie yesterday. one word = aweful!! i’ll be trying some soy protein in them next week.

    happy thursday to you!

    • mostlymorgan

      I’ve heard that about Brewer’s yeast–although many vegans swear by it! I am using the Spirulina protein in mine and love them. I bought Vanilla flavor so that I could mix it with anything.

      Hope you enjoy your next smoothie a bit more!

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