Lucky Me!

What a morning! I had to take Morgan to school at 9:00 and at 8:30 I realized that my wallet was missing. It had been in the diaper bag over the weekend because I hate to carry both a purse and the big bag…and it was just GONE.  I tore up the house for nearly 45 minutes going from room to room tearing the place apart while little Mo tailed along behind me with his blankie. I kept asking “Do you know where mommy’s wallet is?” He would just smile.  I was so stressed that I might have uttered a bit of profanity while racing to and fro…sorry daycare ladies if my son tells you “Chit Chit Chit” today. He got it honestly.

I finally found the silly thing where Morgan had carefully placed it in a trunk in the living room 🙂  So we were off to school. He got there in time for morning snack and I had half an hour to make the trip downtown to the interview.  I called my mom to vent and to help me breathe. 

Even though I wasn’t looking for a job when the guy called me over the weekend, I felt bad that I didn’t feel like a professional that morning. I got to the interview with no resume, no state license, and no CPR/First aid.  (It really underscores how underserved we are in our community.) 

Still, I got the job! 

I’ve spent the morning working on renewing my license and updating all of my certificates that I didn’t need while working for the schools. Whew.  It is exciting because I will be considered self-employed still–working mostly from home. I love the flexibility that allows me to be there for Mo whenever I need to be….while still keeping a link to my career.  It was hard for me to walk away from my job last year because I couldn’t do the travel. Now I think I will have the best of both worlds.



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3 responses to “Lucky Me!

  1. Lee

    i knew you would knock em dead! 😀

  2. Michelle L

    Congrats!!! That’s very exciting.

  3. Congrats on the new job!

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