Home Again


Um yeah…so no one will ever accuse me of having a photography blog–but here is my inadequate attempt to capture the highlights of our trip to NY for J’s little brother’s wedding. I got no pictures of the amazing ceremony at a beautiful boat house nor any of the reception!

I did get tons of shots of the back of Morgan’s head as he raced around playing with his cousin, Sullivan. These two were full of energy and played so well together.  I was very sad when we had to go back home because Morgan has asked about his friend “Sulli-man” every few hours since we left.

We stayed at a family friend’s cabin–such a beautiful and tranquil spot. I literally sat near the window on a rainy aftenoon and watched the leaves fall one by one…perfect.



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2 responses to “Home Again

  1. Doug Chiarello

    I love that cabin! Great pictures of Sully and Mo. Very cute.

    I hope you all had a fun week up north.

  2. Love the pics! Looks like a great weekend! (btw…can I get your password?)

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