It’s NOT OK.

I was shocked to see this headline on my home page when I turned on the computer Yesterday ” The Mother Who Gave Back Her Adopted Son”

I was so sad to read the story and see the awful morning show clip of this so called “mother” discussing her decision to relinquish her 2 year old son after 18 months because of a failure to attach.

She cried and blamed herself…but she had no problems running to the NY Times or pursuing a book deal and television time to gain further attention.  When you read her previous blog posts as a military wife and mother it becomes obvious that she should have never passed the screening process and never been referred a child.

She is delusional to think that her “son’s” new family will help him overcome not one…but TWO abandonments in his very short life.

I am so angry! This lady signed up for motherhood. This lady ASKED for the privilege of raising an abandoned child and then walked away because it “wasn’t like her bio kids”. Well DUH. Were they dumped on the side of the road by the person who should have loved them the most? Were they put on a plane and escorted to another country (She didn’t even expend the energy to pick him up personally) and taken away from everything that they had known? Did you think he would fall into your arms and thank you??

Her words about her daughters casually calling out “bye” to baby D when he left their home for the final time cut to the quick. Obviously there was no connection there….but what message do you send to your children by arranging to have someone take your child because you cannot get along?

Obviously relinquishment was better than D being raised in this environment…but the adoption should have never occured in the first place.  If you aren’t prepared to go through pain and hard times in the attachment process….and you aren’t willing to BE a parent..NO MATTER WHAT… don’t pursue adoption. Better yet…don’t have biological children either.



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2 responses to “It’s NOT OK.

  1. Absolutely! I just watched the video and can’t believe this woman was approved to adopt. Whoever screened this family should definately seek other employment.

  2. I just can’t believe it! Why adopt? This lady is crazy, and should not be a parent to any child. So Cold!!!!

    I would fight for Xavier, my little grandson. The day Alison and Jeremy adopted him was one of the best days of my life. He’s a blessing, a joy and gives so much love to us all.

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