Thanksgiving always reminds me of two of the most significant events in my life. The first, that Jeremy proposed to me the day after Thanksgiving in 2004 and two, that we received Morgan’s referral on the Wednesday before the holiday in 2007. (Update. j corrected my dates…I am terrible at remembering the year)

These guys remind me every day that I have much to be grateful for. Being a wife and mother….it’s everything to me.

We are looking forward to sharing the holiday this year with our friends, Melissa and Peter who are hosting a traditional Puerto Rican themed holiday meal complete with a pig roast! It’s a bit sad that we won’t be able to go home for the holidays–but it is always nice to share the day with our Army family.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving… so much to be thankful for, indeed!

  2. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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