So this is what the secrecy has been about over the past few months. The test was taken at the beginning of October and I am now almost 4 months pregnant. 

We have been keeping things super quiet for the most part because our past loss due to anencephaly and hoping to reveal the happy news when we were sure everything would be ok. So far…things are ok and things are still a bit shaky. We had our big ultrasound on December 23rd and were able to see the baby’s head and skull are formed! We were also very happy to hear that the spine doesn’t appear to show any signs of spina bifida.

However, I have had some genetic testing done since finding out about the pregnancy and I have tested positive for a genetic defect that affects the way that I metabolize  folate.  The condition, affectionately known as MTHFR  or Mo#$%r Fu@#$r! stands for 5, 10 methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase which impairs my ability to metabolize folic acid, a key component in preventing neural tube defects and also presents problems with blood clotting.  I have been on daily lovenox injections (a blood thinner) for several weeks now and we hope that this will decrease the likelihood of a stroke,  miscarriage or loss later down the road. In addition, I take 4mg of folic acid daily, a B6, and a multi vitamin.

I decided to go public with the news after reading a few other blogs related to pregnancy and MTHFR as well as some sites written by other moms who have experienced the loss of an infant with anencephaly.  Their stories helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and gave me hope…so you will see lots of tags in this post linking to information that I hope will be helpful if another mom who needs it finds me.

We have an amniocentesis scheduled for next Tuesday, to rule out other genetic defects. Please keep us in your thoughts.


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5 responses to “News

  1. I already said it on FB, but congrats, girl! I am so happy for your family. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy pregnancy. xo

  2. BTW, can I please have your PW?!

  3. Ditto from me too – isn’t FB awesome! Congrats again!!!

  4. Nicki


  5. Lisa

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you are feeling comfortable enough to share the news! Best wishes!!

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