I’m not a big one for resolutions….even with my love of list making and OCD like pursuit of perfection 🙂  Still, every year I like to think about things that I would be happy to do just a bit better!

1. Incorporate Vietnamese recipes into our home.  J’s sister gave us a beautiful VN cookbook for Christmas and even though I am intimidated by how long many of the recipes are…there are some that look doable.  I also have a lovely VN born friend who was kind enough to share a soup recipe that I plan to try next week. 

J is not a huge fan of the cuisine…as it contains most foods that he doesn’t eat! (oh…fish, shellfish, greens, cabbages, chilis…he’s not even crazy about the rice noodles)  But it stole my heart nearly 10 years ago when my Army battle buddy used to treat us to a VN Sunday dinner at a San Antonio restaurant during our officer basic course. I have such fond memories of enjoying these meals with my dear friends….and it was brought back when I discovered a local place near my office across town that I convinced all of my coworkers to enjoy with me. Now that I am a SAHM, they still visit the restaurant several times a month.

During our time in VN, my favorite dishes were the fresh fish in caramel-like sauce, steamed pork buns, and the water spinach. My taste buds go crazy thinking about how simple and delicious the water spinach was over rice. We have a few asian markets here…but I am not sure I will be able to find this amazing green!

2. Have a more positive outlook about my pregnancy.  I confess that I went to password protected posts during my first trimester because I was living in blind fear. I’ve never been a “glass half full” kind of gal and being pregnant again after our first loss scared me to death. Add severe all day sickness and vomiting multiple times a day and I was a nightmare to speak to or to be around. J nursed me through it all…providing iv fluids when needed…and doing everything around the house. He is amazing. I just continue to hope with each week that goes by we will be ok this time.

3. Begin some gentle exercise.  I lost nearly 10% of my body weight while sick the first trimester…and didn’t have the strength or energy to think about walking or stretching. I hope to slowly build up my tolerance again.

4. Love my little boy every day and enjoy his last 6 months as the baby and my only child. I know that being a big brother is never easy…and I want to make this time special for him.

5. Return to weekly meal planning for the family and to cook again. My meals have been restaurant take out, frozen pasta mixes…and little else over the past 3 months. Now that I feel semi human I am ready to regain control in the kitchen!

Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. Carol

    That sounds wonderful. I am so glad to hear such a positive message. I love you and enjoyed my visit with you so much. Mom.

  2. I’m late, but there are great resolutions! I hope you can begin to enjoy the pregnancy more. I can’t imagine how apprehensive you must have felt/must feel after all you’ve been through. You’re in my thoughts for a very healthy pregnancy. Oh, and you’re killing me with the VNese food! It’s 7:41 a.m. and all I can think about now is clay pot salmon. Is that even normal?!?!

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