Morgan at 30 Months

My handsome bug turned 30 months on the 12th and I have been meaning to post an update. 

Height: 33.5″

Weight: 22.5 lbs….still a teeny tiny little guy but trending nicely around the -5 percentile.

Sweetness: Lately he’s been giving the best hugs and lavishes us with the phrase “I love you”. I am so happy to see the return of my cuddler after an on and off period of toddler toughness that had him resisting opportunities to sit in Mommy and Daddy’s arms and snuggle.  I need this so much myself as my baby grows into a little boy that I savor every moment that he lets me hold him. We’ve even had a few nights in the rocking chair singing Frere Jaque and reading stories that I will always treasure. He is one sweet little boy.

Just like his amazing Daddy, Morgan cares deeply for others. I’ve been really sick during this pregnancy and he is always the first man in the bathroom offering me tissues and even flushing the toilet about 30 times (that part might just be little boy fascination!). He has continued to imitate Dad with the stethescope and blood pressure cuff–caring everyone. He diapers his stuffed animals and puts them down for naps while gently patting their backs until they “go night night”.  

Friends: His best friends are girls right now–Anastasia from our adoption play group and some little girls from school, Harley and Sophia. He uses his toy cell phone to call “Nachi” (Anastasia) and invite her to play at the park.

Play: Morgan is still interested in Music and in Art. He loves dancing and singing while clapping his hands and shaking his little booty. He also loves kicking a ball around at the park with Dad. Trucks and Trains are a big deal, and he drives us all crazy with the toy lawn mower that Nana and Papa got him for Christmas. Morgan is a bit intimidated by Merry Go Rounds and the mechanical ponies at the mall. He prefers to stay on the ground and cheer on others that go on the ride.

Tantrums: These occur quickly and can be legendary 🙂 He’s a typical two year old with a burgeoning sense of self and need for independence that often leads to frustration and tears. Morgan is starting to choose what he eats, what he wears, and whether or not mommy is allowed to brush his hair and his teeth. I try to keep a sense of humor! His new thing is sitting in the big dining chairs for meals and insisting on a “real” placemat that doesn’t have Elmo on it. He also wants to open his own juice and put his shoes on without help. He can be quite bossy at times, but it is usually so funny that we don’t mind.

Impishness: He’s always the funny guy. Whenever Morgan interacts, his face is full of expression and he always seems to be grinning or waggling his little eyebrows when he’s up to something. He’s content to be surrounded by friends and doesn’t seem to strike out as a leader or instigator…but charms everyone with his good nature and is often easy going. His friends are usually bigger and faster and he is happy to tag along and “copy” what he sees. I have a feeling that as he begins to talk more we will laugh a lot! I’m always dying to know what is percolating behind that sweet grin.

He’s going to make a great big brother! Even though Morgan says that he “doesn’t want a baby”. I think the realization is slowly sinking in. Last week he went with me to my ob appt and was fascinated to hear baby’s heart beat (he thought it was a car!) and loves to kiss “Mommy’s baby tummy”.  Morgan also believes everyone in the house has a “baby tummy” including Claire bear. He now holds his toy stethescope up to everyone’s belly and listens.


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2 responses to “Morgan at 30 Months

  1. lookingforlulu

    cracks me up M says he doesn’t want a baby..hee.
    he really is such a cutie.
    i cant believe how old our babies are now:(

    so, i remember you talked abt green smoothies awhile back. right? or am i crazy? i just started making them. let me know if you have any really good combos.

  2. Precious. I love how sweet Morgan is…caring for you when you’re getting sick. The girls are going to be fighting over him one day! And what a tiny little peanut. Sooo cute! I thought my Molley was skinny, but oh my, Morgan is itty bitty! You’re doing a great job raising a special son.

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