Quest for Maternity Clothing Continues

If you know me…you know that I love to shop and I can often obsess about finding just the right….(insert item of clothing here).

Maternity clothing has had it’s share of challenges and pleasant/unpleasant surprises. I have finally committed to a coat…since the weather does not seem to be letting up here in our normally hot arid climate. I found a cute olive trench at Tar*get that I am looking forward to on chilly days! It’s been a frustrating search as I don’t want to invest a ton of cash in something that I will only wear for the season…but the fit and fabric are nice and it flatters better than bulging out of my current winter coat!

Jeans have been another horror story and I have to say–spend your money, you will be much happier! I ordered a “bargain” pair from Old N*avy that are so cheap and horrific that I barely wear them anywhere except at home or to the park on weekends when I am sure to be covered in dirt from the little guy.

I finally invested in a pair of Paige Premium Denim from their maternity line. I was swayed by the fact that the McKinley style offers an adjustable tab waist that can be worn after the baby is born as one regains their shape.  The price is frightening…but as jeans are the mainstay of my stay at home wardrobe and these can be worn after pregnancy I considered them an investment piece.  I spend very little on tops–other than the Isabella Oliver that I bought for going out/special occasions so it wasn’t as cringe worthy as it could have been.

With spring, I hope to add a few dresses–I don’t really feel the urge wear them during our wet nasty winter and tights are a lost cause when you have a toddler–especially given that maternity tights are quite pricey. I have a few non-maternity sweater dresses that I am able to wear over leggings/with tall boots that I have trotted out for lunches with friends and those will last until spring.

Tops: as I  mentioned above, most days you will find me in a gap maternity tee–I wash them over and over until they disintegrate. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the big cardigan trend…leaving more buttons open as the belly expands.  I’ve also given up on the quest for a classic collared shirt. Sadly, I waited too long for a sale on these pricey and popular items and now the only sizes available are an XS or an XL.

If we had maternity shops here it might be easier–as is, I spend hours online combing through store inventories for the pieces that I want. I have found that price does not equal quality and that some items are almost worthless…ie the Old N*avy cable knit sweaters that I bought for $15.  Cute while new, but only good for a maximum of four wears before they look so ragged and sad that I would not wear them to the grocery store.  Gap, on the other hand makes a nice sweater for 35.00 that has held up to multiple washes.

While pregnant–most women want the maximum mileage out of their wardrobe. Things that can be washed and worn weekly are a must if you don’t want to buy a ton of clothes…dry cleaning doesn’t work in the toddler mom world either! I will be ever so glad to get back to my regular clothing!



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2 responses to “Quest for Maternity Clothing Continues

  1. pursuit of poppy

    Ugh, I’m going shopping for my first maternity clothes tomorrow. I hate the idea of spending money on something I am going to where only for a few months! Wish me luck!

  2. Hi,

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