Time for a “big boy” bed

Morgan has officially crawled out of his crib twice now. This morning he woke at 6:30–he usually wakes at 7:30 and I went into his room and told him “It’s still time to sleep–I will see you in a few more minutes”. Little did I know that those “few minutes” would amount to three before he was standing in my room.

J and I had been unofficially shopping for the “big boy bed” combing local furniture stores for something that would match the espresso colored changing table/dresser that he currently has. Note: most children’s beds are white or natural wood. The one espresso bed that we did find was so cheap that it looked like an enthusiastic toddler could snap the headboard by jumping on the bed and grabbing it.  

We decided to go with the Catalina Bed from Pottery Barn–which has a nice discounted price at the moment and looks like it will last us at least 10 years. I wanted to skip the toddler bed stage because I wanted to save money overall and be able to lay beside Morgan for story time.

For bedding, we chose (appropriately) the “Morgan” collection which is a unisex line available in both pink and navy blue. The line also comes with matching crib bedding for our future Baby E if we ever decide that the kiddos will share a room. Most importantly–it will still match the green tree painted on the nursery wall. I keep debating on painting over it, but I can’t bring myself to do it yet.


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  1. Gosh, Miss P and Morgan going to a big kid bed? Why do these kiddos grow up so fast? I love the bedding!

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