Meatless Monday: Matzo Ball Soup courtesy of the plague

Yesterday, I did my best to adhere to meatless Monday with zero appetite and very little sense of smell.  We made a simple Matzo ball soup, which hubs calls “Jewish penicillin” but cheated on the meatless part because we used a quart of chicken stock rather than veggie stock.  The soup included carrots, celery, and a generous scattering of fresh parsley at the end that opened up our nasal passages and made both of us feel a bit better.  I used the recipe provided on the matzo ball soup package for the actual balls–adding an egg and canola oil to the matzo crumbs.

Morgan has been cracking me up with his back seat driving. His latest is to demand that I open the sun-roof….whether or not the temperature outside is above freezing or not. He still can’t say “button” so he insists “Mommy Hit Butt!”

Yesterday, Jeremy picked him up from school and he told his dad the same thing. Daddy…who was not in on the story yet came home and said “Did you hit him??”



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2 responses to “Meatless Monday: Matzo Ball Soup courtesy of the plague

  1. Carol

    He is so funny! I wish I was there so I could give him a BIG hug and kiss. Love you bunches!

  2. Michelle L

    Too funny, Oliver insists on the same thing, but he needs his “window on” meaning open and also cannot say button so says butt!! And he does not care how cold it is. Cute little guys we have 🙂

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