Meatless Monday: Quinoa and Pineapple Cereal from Conveniently Vegan

Our meatless Mondays have been very simple the past few weeks–collard greens over rice last week and likely cheese tortellini with marinara tonight.  I’m still breaking Jeremy in gently…choosing familiar foods like black beans and rice and the tortellini when he is home. So far he hasn’t threatened to move out or drive to Burger K*ing.

I did want to share my favorite breakfast cereal recipe:

Quinoa and Pineapple Cereal from Conveniently Vegan, by Debra Wasserman

  • 1c quinoa
  • 2c water
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 20 oz can pineapple chunks drained (or I substitute the juice for the water in the recipe for a sweeter cereal)

Cook Quinoa with water and cinnamon according to package directions (about 15 min). Remove from heat and stir in pineapple. serve warm or cold–leftovers are great grab and go breakfasts!

Things have been super hectic here. I will post in more detail this week–but we are starting to potty train and Morgan’s big boy bed has arrived. Lots of changes in the little man’s world so we are backing up and slowing down to decrease stress.

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