The Juice Pal



I am exhausted tonight. J had the day off so we took advantage of the amazing weather–low 70’s and sunny. We had lunch on the patio at a nearby restaurant and then walked around the outlet mall. We picked up some summer clothes for J and had a good time looking at teeny baby outfits. Hopefully, my nervous husband is finally starting to relax and enjoy some of the anticipation.

We took Morgan to the park in the wagon after pre-school and had a blast playing in the sunshine. Later, we grilled out and laughed at our little guy tackle an ear of fresh corn. He had butter smeared on his face and even finished his salad. Ranch dressing has brought back the little one’s love of greens!

Morgan is still staying in the big boy bed–so I am crossing my fingers that the transition will remain smooth. He seems to have some problems with his crib soother being across the room–he can’t punch the button if he wakes up–so we’ve turned on the nightlight. I’m thinking about a twilight turtle or something similar to give him that same feeling.

A shot of Morgan’s puppy modeling the Tow Mater big boy undies. Morgan was incredulous when puppy managed to make pee pee and a poop ( using a syringe filled with water and some raisins–a la Emily!) in the big boy potty.

More tales from the poop deck at the end of the week. I’m off to take a bath and get into my pjs 🙂

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  1. This post made me laugh..I’m glad you enjoyed the nice weather. Isn’t baby shopping fun? The clothes are sooo tiny!

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