An old (and unrelated picture) of J holding our sweet nephew and Morgan when they were much tinier.

Things have been going well with the “big boy bed”. Our bug hasn’t attempted to escape or sneak into our rooms in the middle of the night. Rather, he has started waking up a full hour earlier to greet each day calling out “Mommy, Daddy, GET UP!” through the monitor before clambering out of his little nest to arrive at my bedside.

The typical routine is for him to curl up with me in my “Snuggle” as he refers to my ginormous maternity pillow that I cannot do without. I love this time–cuddling close with the pillow wrapped around us like a giant coccoon.  Claire bear loves it too and will climb into bed and nap with me as well.

Sometimes we don’t fall back asleep….and instead whisper “I love you’s” and have fantastic morning conversations that always seem to end with “Morgan hungry” where we both finally get out of bed in our pjs to make breakfast.

A current favorite is silver dollar pancakes that I buy frozen and prepare with peanut butter, bananas, and maple syrup. This indulgence is something I will likely have to  limit when I am no longer “eating for two” but it’s very tasty!


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