Visiting the Dentist

Morgan rocked his second dentist appointment today.  I am so happy to have found a pediatric dentist that actually puts the child’s comfort and security first! The last guy we saw in the fall stunk! He ran his office like a medicaid cash cow–nearly a hundred kids packed cheek by jowl in a waiting room with CNN on the one television, no toys, no bright colors, and an open bay with about 8 hygienists quickly cycling through kiddos. We were seen without being greeted by said dentist. He just walked up–looked in the little guy’s mouth and walked away leaving the dental assistant to tell us all was well. PFFFT.

Fast forward to today, where we entered a cheerful painted waiting room with 2 play areas and a cartoon on the big screen and smiling faces all around. There were only 3 families waiting to be seen and Morgan had his own personal admissions clerk who asked us questions in a beautiful exam room filled with toys. She gave prizes for his positive attitude (And who could help but be happy around such a bubbly lady calling you handsome?!?) and even gave him a gold medal at the end of the exam for superstar performance!

The Dentist shook my hand, made eye contact…gasp! He even asked me if I questions or concerns. Nothing extreme…but so lacking in our first visit to the crappy guy. Morgan felt comfortable the entire time and behaved beautifully.  I left with a happy baby with a bag full of loot and a balloon telling me how much he “liked the dentist”.

Just goes to show that even your littlest patients will respond well with kindness and a basic understanding of their needs.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside in the sprinklers–gotta water that crispy lawn. Happy Day!


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