Spring Break Fun!


Morgan and one of his best buds at the park yesterday.  We had a great time meeting up with friends and it gave Morgan a chance to show off the cute shirt that my friend Jenn made for him.  Love that girl! She’s so crafty!

I had my 28 week ob appt this week and received the results of baby Elmo’s growth scan and my 1 hour glucose test results.  The good news is that our little one is growing  just fine, measuring at 1 lb and 14 oz last week. This puts baby Elmo at the 19th percentile so they will likely be a peanut just like big brother!  The not so great news is that I flunked my one hour glucose test and will have to do the long version– a 3 hour test done fasting with multiple sticks. BOOO.

I’ve put myself on a 2300-2500 calorie diabetic diet as a precautionary measure, praying that I don’t actually have gestational diabetes.  Only my age fits the profile…but two of my friends had it and they were only flagged for age as a risk as well. It’s been a very hard 3 days without cookies! I am totally drawn to sweets right now and packing in calories seems to be the only way that I gain weight.  I have stalled out at an 18lb gain for 4 weeks now but as long as baby is growing (and the belly continues to expand) it’s ok.  I keep reminding myself that no woman ever fits the textbook recommendations for weight gain and not to stress.

I’m excited that J and I are getting a surprise date night tonight 🙂 Morgan is going to play with some friends at a neighbor’s house so that we can go to a hail and farewell dinner tonight. It will be a big group so it should be lots of fun!



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2 responses to “Spring Break Fun!

  1. First of all, enjoy your date!!!

    Second, hope the second glucose test comes back with normal results. I don’t want you to have to give up your cookies!!!

    Third, (I’m not making light of your pregnancy or your worrying about the need to gain weight, but DUDE,) I might get pregnant if it means that I can eat 2500 calories and not gain weight. 🙂 Of course, I’ll have to find a baby daddy since I sent Ed in for the V last year…

    Let us know about the glucose test. Take care of yourself, Miss. So glad to know the little one is growing normally.

  2. Cute pic- love the shirt! Hope the glucose test goes well. And yay for a healthy growing Elmo!

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