Cue the Violins

It’s been a VERY long day.

J is working and I can barely move from this stupid cold and pulled muscle over my rib cage. Because I cannot take any medication that will actually help the pulled muscle I am stuck just being in pain with a kiddo that senses I am distant or different in some way and has therefore increased his need for holding/lifting/affection by 500%.

I love to hold my baby…but I’m a total spazz on sudafed and I want to cry from my rib muscle. Mommy simply cannot be a slide, a horsie, or a see saw at this time 🙂

I totally cracked up while reading Laura’s post  with photos of her adorable son covered in a mailing label. It is like the kids sense when you are less than 100% and all goes down hill. I called my mom today and asked if she wanted to keep Morgan for a week and just really became a whiner for the entire conversation. It is so stinking hard not to have family nearby for days like these when you just need a break. Thanks Mom! For lifting my spirits and getting me through a rough evening. I love you!

Lifting the little dude into his high chair or onto the changing table was pure torture…even worse was being climbed on while sitting on the couch. Both the dog and Morgan decided that Mommy was a mountain that must be scaled…neither comprehending the words “pulled muscle” or “ouch!”. I ended up barricading my body with pillows and sitting cheek to cheek with the munchkin for an episode of “Wonder Pets”. Oh the sweetness of my little boy. Even when I feel so rotten I love him so much.

Tomorrow is the big glucose test–I will let you know the results as soon as I have them. Thanks for the words of encouragement on FB and here on the blog. Every bit helps!



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3 responses to “Cue the Violins

  1. Carol

    I love you too and I would take Morgan so you could rest. I wish we lived closer.

  2. Oh boy, do they know! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Seriously! Seriously! I second the bummer of not having family nearby. I’d gotten a little spoiled there. I MISS my mommy! Hang in there. xoxo

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