Shoot me.

That’s it. Just take me out back and put me out of my misery….and more importantly, put J out of his 🙂

My adorable, handsome husband has been putting on my socks, lifting me out of the tub, adjusting and fluffing pillows, taking care of Morgan…you name it.

Moi? Still bursting into tears when I cough…completely out of it on Flexoril and ready for the rib to heal. No bueno.

On a happy happy note! I have sold the battered love seat in our room and the armoire in the guest room to make some space for the crib to come. As soon as I am mobile I can actually start thinking about making a place for baby. I am going to listen to my friends and put the crib into the guest room rather than having baby bunk with Morgan. Quality sleep for both kiddos is imporant!

Morgan still doesn’t understand where the furniture went and he points to the empty corners saying “Oh NO! Missing Mama!”



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3 responses to “Shoot me.

  1. sounds horrible! Not to butt my little ob/gyn nose into your misery, but you may want to talk to your ob about a short course of Motrin or NSAIDs. A short course is considered safe in the 2nd trimester, and might do you a whole lot of good…

  2. geeeezz..i just remembered you are already in the 3rd tri! time flies. still, though, it may be worth considering…

  3. I’m so sorry you’re feeling so crappy…I can’t even imagine how badly that little injury is hurting!! I hope things get better soon!!!

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