Hanging in there

I’m still less than mobile–but I did make it out to dinner with J’s friends from work last night.  I tried to be tough and didn’t take any medication for the pain. BIG mistake–by 7-8pm I was a wreck.  I had also run out of the sudafed that my doctor had given me–the good kind without phenylephrine that they keep behind the counter at the pharmacy so I was coughing again.

We had a great time catching up with everyone–this was kind of a last hurrah since our regular baby sitter was quitting on us. I had thought so highly of her and hated to see her go! Until she pulled the old “I’m too busy, you will have to find someone else” routine just 3 days before we were scheduled to have our night out with 5 other couples.  Fortunately, my good friend’s s daughter has offered to keep Morgan so that we can continue to have date night. At that point…not even a rib fracture could have kept me from going 🙂  Jeremy assures me it is just a pulled muscle, though!

We went to a Japanese grill and laughed all the way through dinner as our chef threw pieces of egg into everyone’s mouths! No bobbing and weaving here–Jeremy on the other hand, has mad skills. It was so great to see everyone and I am glad that we finally decided that we were in need of a monthly night out. We had been in parent hibernation for too long!  I even made it to a local bar for a tall glass of water after dinner and enjoyed my favorite passtime of playing “Fashion Police”.  El Paso is a mecca of bad plastic surgery and a few leftover mullets. Good times, I tell ya!

I was thrilled to hear that Morgan had asked to use the potty at the baby sitter’s  house!! Our sitter has a little girl that is about a year younger than Morgan and potty training so it gave him the incentive to go pee pee  like a big boy. What can I say? My son is always one to impress the ladies.

My friend Liana flies in today to help me out when J goes back to work Monday. I love her so much! Hopefully the muscle will heal before she leaves and I can go back to normal life. I hate being asleep or being in pain with very little in between.

Emilie* I am taking Flexoril and Ultram in addition to the cold meds. Will that help with the anti inflammatory part?


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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your night out. You deserve it! And you’re a trooper, that’s for sure. I really hope that muscle heals ASAP. Ed and I started going out once a month, too. We’d also gotten into parent mode…way into it…and decided we *needed* just a little adult time. It’s important. And I’m really glad that your friend is coming to help. Get BETTER!

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