3 Hour Glucose Test

I finally made it to the hospital today to do the 3 hour glucose test and ended up throwing up the solution after about half an hour in the waiting room. The lab specialist sent me to my ob clinic and they sent me home. RATS. I am pretty sure that I will have to go in and repeat the procedure at some point, but unfortunately this is the only day before my next ob appt that J will be able to take Morgan to school. That means that I will likely not get to the lab before 9:30-10:00am  and will be starving before I even begin the test.

For the past 8 months, if I don’t eat within an hour of waking I throw up. Even then…there are days when I just roll out of bed and vomit…including twice in the past week. Morning sickness was never a transient thing for me and will likely continue until the kiddo is delivered. I just cannot see how I am going to get through 4 hours of fasting for this test (minimum) and keep the glucose down.

The 100g solution tasted much worse than the 50g solution that only reminded me of sugary fruit punch. This stuff was like drinking syrup and my system went haywire. I was having hot flashes and feeling gross from the moment I swallowed it.  Even after getting sick, driving home and having the recommended combo of whole grains and protein i still felt like poo.  I napped in the big red chair with Claire bear for an hour and then J and I decided to run some errands and hit a matinee.  I ate an early lunch and the icky feeling continued–so much that I almost asked to leave the movie.

My common sense tells me that I do not have GD–no excess weight gain, baby trending at 19th percentile, no symptoms that I can spot. No way in heck that they are going to let me skip that test!

***On another note–I am completely overwhelmed by choosing a car seat. Any thoughts on infant seats? Morgan was 10 mos when we brought him home and I never had to buy the traditional infant seat. Right now, I am liking the Britax Chaparone–but is it worth the $$??



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2 responses to “3 Hour Glucose Test

  1. ugggghh….i’m so sorry to hear that. the 3 hour test is so nasty. if you really want to avoid repeating the test you could ask your OB if you could just do home glucose monitoring (4x/day) for a week….not a fabulous alternative, but could prevent another terrible day at the hospital.
    hope your rib is feeling better. I forgot to mention that you could always try a little ice therapy if you aren’t already doing that. 15-20 minutes of icing a few times a day could really help to decrease some of the inflammation. sounds like you are through the worst of it, though. What a crazy pregnancy this has been for you!!!! I’m sure you are anxious to get the next 10 weeks out of the way and finally be holding the tiny new little one.

  2. Ugh. that just sounds super miserable. I *detest* throwing up, so I feel for you. I hope you don’t have to repeat the test. Hang in there – you’re doing an awesome job of it, that’s for sure!

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