Baby Elmo Gets a Bed

I found this on Amaz@n last night– after debating over the merits of mini cribs, bassinets, co sleepers…moving the big crib into our room…it just seemed to fit our needs.

I love that the bassinet detaches and can become a moses basket that we can carry from room to room. I love that it isn’t “too frou frou” as some of the ruffly concoctions scared me! I love that the legs have wheels and that it is mobile. I love that it has space for diapers and even has a changing table that snaps to the top when the basket is removed.  It seems perfect for those first months when I will need baby close for nursing and don’t want to set up a full nursery in the master bedroom.

We’ve moved Morgan’s rocker into our room, but still haven’t moved the old crib into our guest room. I am trying to figure the nursery out slowly–while still keeping the large queen bed for guests.  Perhaps when baby Elmo is ready for a toddler bed I will transition the siblings back together into Morgan’s room…but for now I think that I want my little sleepers to get some rest without the other making a disturbance.

I had to laugh when I realized that I am again passing on my family custom of sleeping with a noisy fan on each night to drown out background sounds. I think it started with my dad’s snoring –but both my mom and step mom insist on a fan when they visit. Now, I have one in Morgan’s room for white noise just as I have one in mine.

I am still unsure if I will paint. I have a color pallet that I really love that involves a citron colored wall paint–but I wonder if it is worth repainting when we leave here in three years?  I keep telling myself to enjoy where I am right now, but I am always aware that any time I personalize the house I risk having to “undo” before selling.  I took the leap with the tree in Morgan’s room and I love it…so maybe a little citron paint isn’t a big deal.

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  1. Oooh, I love this bassinet! It sounds perfect for your needs and I love the way it looks. And I say bring on the citron paint!

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