Potty Progress and Preparing for Baby


Morgan has slowly made progress on the big boy potty–mostly due to his amazing preschool teachers that make it a daily priority. He wears big boy undies from 9:30am when he leaves the playground in the morning, until bath time when we switch to a diaper for the night and has been doing great with the occasional accident–usually because he is doing something fun and doesn’t make it to fully undress to sit on the potty 🙂

Tonight, my little man made his 10th pee pee in two weeks and tomorrow we are celebrating with a trip to the ice cream store.  Nothing gives Morgan more joy than a delicious ice cream cone! We made a special trip while my friend Liana was here and the incredible coos and sighs coming from our guy made me laugh out loud–they are the happiest and most wonderful sounds!

Also happening around the house–my nesting is still in full force! Jeremy was home today and did an incredible job of cleaning out the closet in our guest room. He assembled the infant seat and the moses basket portion of our new bassinet that arrived this evening. I can’t believe how tiny both of them look!

I have always been terrified of newborns and it really hit home just how small this new addition to our family would be upon arrival.  I told Jeremy it stems from holding my beautiful and baby sister, Haley, and scratching her fragile little cheek with one of my fingernails by accident when I was 14 years old.  Her paper thin skin was so delicate that the slightest touch seemed to tear her! I am quite sure that she and my little brother delayed my becoming a mom by at least a decade.  Starting out with a ten month old son was probably the best thing for me! So much sturdier than a new born and so full of life and expression!

My handsome little love! (Can’t resist the flashbacks lately. He’s just so cute!)

I am still intimidated by little babies and even make the awkward “football hold” when someone hands me a munchkin.  Should be a fun couple of weeks–I really hope my mom makes it here before we leave the hospital….considering that I got corrected on baby holding in infant CPR class several months ago and it did little to improve my confidence!

Morgan and I did practice a bit with the new gear.  We put his baby doll into the infant seat and I marveled that even the buckles/harness straps are tiny.  Even with a plastic baby I was a spazz at getting the straps on and adjusting the handle for carrying the seat.   Morgan was a love. He sang to his baby and rocked the tiny seat, demonstrating such sweetness that my eyes filled with tears. His mom might be a rookie, but he is going to be awesome at this.

I have mentioned before that Morgan is a social butterfly and loves all children and babies. He coos at the new arrivals in daycare–even squatting down to peer into the infant seats when a little one is being unloaded in the baby classroom. He says “Oooh Cute!” or “hi Baby” and it is the sweetest thing.

We have been reading “I’m a Big Brother” by Joana Cole almost every day. It’s a wonderful book to introduce the topic of a new baby! They also make a Big Sister version. I love that it’s specific about the changes that take place and the differences between a “big boy” and a “baby”.  We have shared that Daddy is a big brother to Aunt Maggie, Uncle Matthew, and Uncle Patrick–and how cool it is to have little brothers/sisters.

Morgan is definitely figuring things out. We are talking about how the baby is getting “too big” and will be moving out of my tummy before his birthday this summer. He rubs my belly and kisses it. I love it! We talk about how special he is and have been reading lots of books on unconditional love and trying to make sure he knows that he is our first love and our beautiful boy.  One of our favorites is “I Love You, Stinky Face” that my stepmom sent to us at Christmas. We’ve even added the last line to our bed time routine… I love you, my wonderful child!



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2 responses to “Potty Progress and Preparing for Baby

  1. Oh my gosh, I have so many things to comment on, but I’m exhausted, so I HAVE to say that I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one with newborn phobia!!!!! People think I’m crazy, but they just look like they’re going to break. 🙂

    That being said, I know that as soon as your new little on is in your arms (I’m dying to know whether you’re having a boy or girl, BTW), you’ll figure it all out and quickly. You’re an awesome mommy to Morgan and you’ll be equally amazing to Baby Elmo.

    BTW, love the flashback photo. What a doll.

  2. Hooray for potty progress!! Such a big kid!

    Sounds like things are all falling into place before baby Elmo’s big arrival! I can’t wait!!!

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