And then something makes it all worthwhile….

I spent 2 hours yesterday in hot dark rooms, having ultrasounds and non-stress tests. My backside went completely numb and I had heartburn…

J went with me, and we totally cracked up at Baby Elmo’s protest of the fetal monitors. Perhaps it was the ice tea at lunch…but the little peanut highly objected to being tracked on the monitor and punched, kicked, and wiggled out of range OVER AND OVER…. reminding me of our amniocentesis in December when that tiny little hand reached out and grasped at the catheter seeking to perform the tests to tell us that everything would be alright.

What can I say? The kid has SPUNK.

All of the fussing and fighting eventually led to a case of the hiccups and my monitors bounced up and down on my tummy. The nurse said that sometimes the little people feel constricted by the bands over the belly that hold the monitors. Indeed, this kiddo is a free spirit.

Our incredible nurse measured the amniotic fluid via ultrasound last–and gave us a gratuitous glimpse into Baby Elmo’s world.  Exhausted from the battle over being monitored, the little one was alternately yawning sleepily, chewing on a fist, and blinking to display teeny eyelashes. Modern medicine is incredible.  For a moment, all of my worries flew out the window and I focused on that peaceful face as my child fell asleep. Beautiful.


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2 responses to “And then something makes it all worthwhile….

  1. Awhhhhh….so sweet. I can’t wait to meet your little free spirit!!

  2. bunnysmom

    beautiful! thank you for sharing xxxx

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