Gestational Diabetes vs MTHFR–to feed or not to feed?!?

I should have the results of our second growth scan at the end of the week. I’m sort of on pins and needles waiting to see what happened to baby E last month growth wise.

Gestational Diabetes–which occurs in approx 5% of the population (the best statistic that I could find to answer Monica’s question) can lead to a Large for Gestational Age baby and subsequent risks to the mother during delivery. Unchecked high blood glucose causes rapid growth in the fetus so it is best to monitor closely and to leave the cupcakes alone 🙂

Lovenox for the MTHFR, on the other hand, can cause fetal growth restriction so the doctors are closely monitoring the growth and development of the baby to ensure that all is well.

So if one causes large babies and one can restrict growth–I am just praying for a normal sized child at this point! I feel like the baby is growing based on the ever-expanding size of my belly, but my weight gain seems to have stalled out.  I hate to use the parasite analogy, but during pregnancy the baby has 1st priority and will take what it needs from the mother regardless of what is available. This means that inadequate weight gain can cause problems for the mom’s nutritional status–especially bone calcium stores and iron depletion.

I try to stay mindful of calcium and get a serving of it at each meal. I’m drinking fortified orange juice, eating dark leafy greens,  and reaching for cheese, milk, yogurt, puddings on a regular basis. My bones are not great after years of diet coke and running and I know it’s a concern.  Iron is a bit harder as the pills make me sick and I don’t tolerate meat all that well unless it’s a cheeseburger!

The vomiting seems to have returned with a vengeance. I’ve been sick 4x this week and it’s usually after eating–where for the past 2-3 months I have only gotten sick on an empty stomach.  From what I have read, the nausea and vomiting can come back in the third trimester due to hormone changes and lack of space in the stomach.

My blood sugars are running 10-15 points above normal still after 10 days of monitoring. I’ve been told not to change my diet at this point and I am relieved. The only thing that I do try to be mindful of is eating fiber rich foods that slow the release of glucose and I try to eat some sort of protein with carbs at every meal.   This has been harder for me because starchy foods make me feel better when I’m nauseas, but I find that cheese or almonds always seem to work.

Baby has also begun to drop! My hips feel very strange and I am getting my waddle on 🙂 It is almost like being unhinged….not pleasant but necessary to make way for delivery. My breathing has gotten easier and my heart burn seems to be better. Hooray for something great!


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  1. if only every pregnant patient was like you, jen!!! you are doing an AMAZING job in the face of a really tough pregnancy. it sounds like you are right on track though. i’m sure it is frustrating to have the blood sugars elevated in spite of eating all the “right” things. it probably makes it a million times worse that you are a dietician…totally frustrating! but 10-15 points over isn’t so bad! This little one just likes things a bit on the sweet side! i am getting so excited for you as the big day is getting closer!

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