Sneaky McSneaky!

Here’s my handsome guy at one of the TWO parties we went to this weekend. It’s such a rare occasion these days that I feel like I had to mention it!  The chief of J’s department is leaving for Hawaii soon (lucky lucky man) and we celebrated with a going away at one of the doctor’s homes. They have an awesome yard and play area and kids were running all over the place.

Morgan–ever the ladies man–managed to be carried around and cooed over by any little girl between the ages of 7-12 that night. He allowed them to put on his jacket, after telling Mommy that he “not code” and subsisted on a diet of chocolate chip cookies for the evening.   We had a very rough time pulling him away from the side of the pool, though, after he spotted  a sunken rubber ducky floating along the bottom.   Every adult in the place nearly had a heart attack as he raced along the edge AGAIN and AGAIN trying to get someone to rescue the duck so that he could have it.  So there I was–waddling as fast as possible at 8mos pregnant to keep my guy out of the water. We finally had to leave to solve the situation.

As for the Sneaky McSneaky part–we learned that our guy can change his pull-ups, throw the used one away, and redress quickly and quietly if we are not careful.  Potty training had been going so well…but the bug had been showing a preference for pull ups rather than his “big boy underwears” and since we THOUGHT he was staying dry we allowed it.  However, we noticed that his urine output was drastically decreasing and that he had not earned his reward for the week. That is when we really started paying attention to the fact that he was barely using the potty at home.  J noticed the whole “pull up switcheroo” and took the Woody and Buzz pull-ups away from him! Now our guy has to go back to relying on his big boy underwear!

We know that he can do it–he does it at school every day and he made a big deal out of using the potty at both parties we went to…even surprising and baffling a set of twin girls when he ran at them shouting “I pee pee on potty!” while reaching out for a super high five. (Guess you are too cool to grasp the significance of this event when you are no longer in diapers yourself).

It took a huge leap of  faith this morning to leave the pull up off and put him in the car in underwear. We needed a photo of the two of us for a project his class is doing today, and I had to run to Wal*greens this morning to get one developed b/c the machine at T2rget was busted yesterday when I tried to order online.  Morgan was a champ, though! He made it without complaint or an accident.



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2 responses to “Sneaky McSneaky!

  1. That is HILARIOUS!!! What a little con artist!

  2. Kelli

    Such a little stinker! You gotta give him props for his resourcefulness!

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