2 Years as a Family

Family photo taken last weekend at a friend’s house. Please ignore the fact that my face appears to have been swapped with a beach ball for the remainder of pregnancy. Eck!

And just 2 years ago–walking around Hoa Kim lake in Hanoi with our new son.

**Since I just posted our adoption story, I will focus on recent events that show his integration into our family and his adjustment.

We were fortunate that our son has always been an affectionate baby. He readily gives and receives hugs and kisses, although we do go through periods of hitting and the very rare bite when he’s angry. As his communication skills increase, it is easier for him to express that he wants something or for us to back off for a bit.

I have been impressed with his ability to make friends quickly and his openness and trust. I hope that he is learning love and kindness from us–continuing to show the affection and quality of care that was provided to him in the orphanage.

Last night, Morgan decided that rather than go to bed himself, he would put mommy to bed.  He told me that I could have 3 stories! I loved listening to him read “Lama Lama Mad at Momma”, ” Sesame Street ABC’s”, and “Put me in the Zoo”. Then he asked me if I would like some “pretend” milk–I was given an imaginary cup and cautioned not to spill! And he tucked the covers under my chin, turned on the crib soother, and told me “I love you! Go to Sleep!” before closing the door to his room.  Wow. The kid has us DOWN.

This morning, he got into bed with us at 6am and held both of my hands underneath his chin and stroked my arms while smiling sleepily at me.  He always tells us both that he loves us and we all know that morning time is snuggled time. 

As we chatted, I could tell that the baby was also awake and seemed to be tuned in to the sound of big brother’s voice.  He was resting his head on the pillow that I use to support my stomach–so his face was near the baby at that point.  I asked if he would like to feel his little sibling move and Morgan put his hand on my tummy and felt the baby kicking. He spoke softly to my belly–Hi Baby, Go to Sleep…and No come out!   I had to crack up at the last part because we have talked about the baby getting bigger and getting ready to come out and live with us. It’s something that Morgan hasn’t fully embraced. He’s pretty clear that he wants him/her to stay put!

It’s been a beautiful two years–Thank you, Morgan!

Also see my post “a year” from our first anniversary which is so much more eloquent.

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