Sound Mommy Advice

I wanted to link to a great list of mommy advice from sister to sister that I found in a blog that I enjoy. It contains some smart advice that I can use myself and it is so sweet to think of one sister sharing these thoughts with another.

You can find the guest post  here.

I began reading Nie Nie shortly after Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a traumatic plane crash that resulted in her being burned over the majority of her body. I cried for her–having worked in a burn unit and knowing the slim chance of survival with burns that severe. I prayed for her and as a new mom myself I worried for the children that her sisters would care for during the months she slept in a medically induced coma and the time spent in the hospital.  And, in the meantime, I read. I went back through years of Stephanie’s humorous and heartwarming posts on motherhood and joy. Even though I’d never met her–she touched my life.

My favorite is the part about babies being babies–not just little people and that their clothes should be soft, comfortable, and as soothing as the surroundings we create for them.  I have been packing hospital bags today and have been thinking of a going home outfit for baby Elmo.  I was torn between something beautiful but starchy and stiff and something soft and simple that would be better suited to delicate skin and the pounding southwest heat that we have here in the summer.  Thanks to Stephanie–I am going with soft and simple.  Even though it will be a day of photo opportunities, baby deserves comfort above all!

The other point that I agree with is “Sing to your baby–even if your voice isn’t the greatest”.  I remember being so self conscious with Morgan! I cannot carry a tune in a bucket. Still, my child loves to hear me sing and I know I will continue to give it my all with Baby Elmo as well. Daddy has the beautiful voice in this relationship….not Mama!

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