The “Maizie Robe”

My neighbor D’anne was having a garage sale and asked us to swing by and see if we wanted anything before the sale.  Morgan passed up a pirate ship, tons of books, some really cool blocks….and fixated on this super lush pink Frette robe that is not only obviously meant for girls–but about 4 sizes too big 🙂

He calls it his “Maizie Robe”.  I guess because the mice on it remind him of the cartoon that we have never watched! Maybe he’s seen it at his school’s Friday movie day??

Morgan has always coveted my bathrobe in the mornings, and now he is this adorable little pink Hugh Hefner in Maizie Robe and pirate slippers sipping his “coffee” (That would be milk with 1 tsp general foods international mixed in for color and a dash of pizazz. )

My neighbor thought it was awesome that he loved it. The robe had been a gift for her daughter and was quite expensive so she said that she hated to garage sell it for a buck or so when she could give it to a friend to enjoy.  I love it! Wish it came in my size 🙂  Daddy  merely rolls his eyes when Morgan enters the room in the Maizie robe. “Looking good man!”



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3 responses to “The “Maizie Robe”

  1. Michelle L

    This made my day!! That is soooooo cute. Hilarious!

  2. Carol

    Morgan you rock that robe! When you are only 2 you can pull this look off. I do think men look good in pink though. 🙂

  3. Because people say it to me all the time when I post pictures my boys are going to regret at their rehearsal dinners: “he’s going to kill you someday!” Haha! I love it. I think he looks dashing!

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