The Bizarre Toddler Illness

For the past 3 days, Morgan has been running a fever on and off…coughing with a runny nose…and has developed tiny bumps/blisters on the insides of his wrists and behind one knee.  He also has a few on his chin on one corner of his mouth.

What the heck? Jeremy sent photos to a derm friend who said it wasn’t Hand Foot and Mouth Disease–the one thing that we knew was circulating through daycare. The consensus of my doctor hubs and his friend was “Upper respiratory infection with ____(insert word that I don’t remember here)____exudate”  Exudate??? I forget the rest of the diagnosis but it boils down to “My kid has unidentifiable crud.”

There are no mouth ulcers or hand/foot blisters to make it Hand Foot and Mouth. There is no lacy rash to make it Fifth Disease…it ain’t chicken pox, measles, etc… hmmmm… Maybe some weird eczema reaction to the stress of illness??

The bug alternates between being friendly and happy and cranky and feverish. I’m one confused Mama! We play outside in the back yard for short periods when he is feeling well–otherwise he would dismantle the house piece by piece in agitation of being kept inside when he’s “not sick” and then he ends up crabby with a fever at times lying in a pile of blankets on the floor telling everyone to “go away”. I’m fairly sure he gets that one from me  😉

Jeremy is at a conference today, meaning that Morgan and I are on our own until tomorrow. I spoke to my ob last night about Morgan’s mystery illness and she wants me to be tested for parvo next week  just to rule out any exposure that might be harmful to baby Elmo.

On the bright side, Morgan has been drinking plenty of fluids and eating enough that I don’t have to worry about that in addition to the rest.  Nothing worse than a late night pedialyte run when you are solo and exhausted!

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  1. Melody

    Call if you need help. I’m carless until sometime Saturday but you are close enough I can walk there in no time! Don’t stress about labor and delivery! One look in her eyes when they hand her to you and you can’t remember if it was painful or not and if it was you don’t care!

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