Iron Man, Labor?, and Chili Dogs

Today, Jeremy was home with me all day so we decided to go to the movies to catch Iron Man 2. I love our movie days–mid day is our date time when he is post call.

Turns out, I could not focus on the movie at all because of my stomach doing all of these crazy weird things. I was so intensely uncomfortable that I thought I might run out of the movie a few times. I started to wonder if I was going into labor…but then…what the heck does a contraction feel like?  The feeling was literally like my insides were twisting and the top of my stomach felt hard.

After the movie, I googled it (because that is how I find out most things about pregnancy) and found this “how to know if you are in labor” article. Turns out, mostly illiterate people respond to the comments in these posts (Sorry BabyC4nter!) So I learned that it feels like “I gotta make a boo boo real hard” or “feeling like I split into” Don’t say?!?!

J was all for driving to the hospital and hooking me up to a monitor–as if 2x per week were not enough! He had an offer to work an extra shift at the hospital and needed to answer them ASAP.  I wanted a chili dog….um yeah. At 37 weeks your mind can change with the sight of a Fuddrucker’s sign.  I calmly reminded him that women can have contractions for days/weeks before the actual event and that lunch was my number one priority.

The cramps continued through lunch and a so/so chili dog. Nothing is spicy enough these days–even with a huge scoop of pico de gallo!  We decided to go home and try the big glass of water and rest on my left side to see what happened before he committed to work or we made a trip to the hospital.  We rested, the cramps abated and I woke Jeremy to pick up Morgan at school and he asked accusingly “So are you in labor??”

Dude…like I literally waste your time on purpose! I’m starting to think that if you’ve never BEEN in labor, there is no way to recognize it until it happens. I can google all I want….the information all starts out with “It’s different for everyone”.

Now it’s late…and the funky cramping has set in again. I’m thinking Braxton Hicks since I have been incredibly contraction free since my second trimester….I will let you know if I feel “Split Into”.


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3 responses to “Iron Man, Labor?, and Chili Dogs

  1. I’m so nervous that I won’t know what labor feels like either! My girlfriend that is currently pregnant with her 2nd explained that Braxton Hicks is when only a part of your stomach “contracts” and gets real hard. The real deal is when your entire stomach contracts and it’s a lot more painful. Sounds like fun!

    And just reading about your chili dog has given me raging heartburn!!!

  2. Sounds like it’s getting closer!!!! Yay!!

    I know you are so ready to have your mid-section back to yourself. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be, although, you do paint a very thorough picture. Ha!!

    So excited for you, girl!!!

  3. Laurie

    I’m just catching up on your posts & cracking up over this one! Thanks for the laugh, and please do keep us posting if you feel like you need to make a boo boo real hard!! Lol!

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