Girls Night Out

My friend LeAnne was in town for a few days for a visit–she and her family moved further west when her husband got out of the Army last summer.  About 10 of us got together for an impromptu girl’s night at my friend D’Anne’s house. We had such a great time!  D made cosmos for the ladies and a little lite cranberry juice with club soda and a splash of pineapple for me (I heart her for even giving me a pink paper umbrella to make it festive).

It’s probably my last girl’s night out for quite a while with the baby coming soon. I am so lucky to have so many great friends where we live. Army life can be awfully unpredictable in that regard. You can be stationed at a great place and not meet a soul or be in an awful place and have the time of your life because of the incredible people you meet.

I have been blessed my connections with fellow moms here–they tell me the straight stories about birth and motherhood. They let me know what works and what doesn’t…and they support me through thick and through thin. I love them all!

I got a few more baby presents at the party, even though LeAnne was the guest of honor. Baby has some new jammies, a delicious Baby Burt’s Bees gift set, a teddy bear crib soother that becomes a stuffed animal later (Morgan loved that one!) and a cute musical toy and some baby links to attach toys to strollers. Our little one has an overflowing closet and bedroom at this point, reminding me of how much we are loved.

Jeremy and Morgan had a boy’s night–complete with pizza and some manly time in the sand box. I have a great husband that never balks at quality time with his son. Love you, honey!

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  1. Oh sounds like you had a great time! Just wait until Girl’s Night Out means you and your baby girl ~ priceless!!

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