Making the Switch

My doctor switched me from Lovenox to Heparin this week in anticipation of the upcoming birth.  The Heparin has to be injected 2x per day and leaves these insane bee sting welts that hurt like crazy! However, the heparin has an antidote and carries a lower risk of excessive bleeding/hemorrhage during delivery.  Thank goodness it is only for a few weeks!

I’ve been having the occasional painful contraction over the past few days, meaning that my body is starting to get ready. The baby has dropped so low now that it feels like my pubic bone is cracking.  I am still very fortunate to have no back pain. It has to be the way that I am carrying out to the front and very low.

One of my best friends flew in today to help me with cleaning/organizing some of the odd things that need to be done. She’s even promised to tackle my closet sight unseen. Got to love her! It’s a crazy mess since I haven’t been able to bend over much to pick things up. If something falls these days it pretty much stays on the floor.

Morgan has been in heaven since my friend Michelle arrived. He gets so much attention from my girlfriends! She is a flight attendant and brought him a bag full of the little pilot’s wings and he had them stuck all over the place. He loves airplanes and we spent a lot of time outside tonight watching planes cross the mountain heading to and from the airport.  So cute!


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