Is this it?

I went to my monitoring today–no contractions, amniotic fluid levels were good.

Next, I went to my last ob appt before my induction next week. The doctor says that I am 3cm dialated and 75% effaced…and that if I go into labor she might see me earlier than my induction.

Now, I am having contractions. They are about 10 min apart and things are a wee bit tense in the household. None of us know if this is IT.  I will try to keep everyone posted if we make the trip to the hospital in the next 24 hours.



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6 responses to “Is this it?

  1. wow!!! 3cm and 75%!!! that is seriously great! even if you have to be induced, at least you are starting off we with some good progress. but i have a feeling about the next 24 hours!!!! whoooohooooo!!

  2. jjohnstonmyers


  3. Ivonne

    I want to say so much and can’t say anything…I’m nervous, excited and so happy for you…God bless. You, baby and boys are in my prayers. Keep me posted.

  4. Ivonne

    Could it be that baby is going to make her appearance on daddy’s birthday….Happy birthday, Jeremy.

  5. Cindy

    Sounds encouraging. A lot of people have a hard time reaching 3cm, so you’re ahead at this point. Hopefully this labor and delivery will be short and sweet. I started out at 3cm and it only took 2 hours until my son was born. Good luck!

  6. WOWIE!! Sounds like the real thing to me!!

    So exciting!!!

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