If possible, I think that baby has dropped even more in preparation for the big day.  I am now in full waddle!  I had my final ob appt before the induction and she confirmed that I was measuring 2 weeks less than the previous week. Weight gain seems to have stopped at 24 lbs–I had made it to 25 (my personal goal) but lost a pound and a half over the past week.

My Gestational Diabetes seems well controlled as long as I stay away from raisin bran and rice 🙂 I miss cereal like crazy and my body seems to have responded to the loss of my best source of iron by quickly making me anemic in the last few weeks.

I’ve gotten my blood drawn 3x in 2 weeks and platelets checked to see how I am adjusting to the Heparin shots. So far so good except for the ridiculous stinging and welts that accompany the shots. OuCH!!!

Morgan’s daycare teachers took one look at me this morning and proclaimed that “Today is the Day”. I might have been inclined to believe them while I was contracting in the grocery store this morning…but I am still hoping to make it to our scheduled induction day. My mother will never forgive me if she isn’t here…and I will feel much better if it doesn’t happen in the next few days because my workaholic husband has as usual tried to schedule as much as possible before he takes some time off.

My little Mo is feeling good and his attitude has been so cute! He told me this morning that he “loves babies” as he peered into a little infant carrier this morning at school. I sang to him for a long time last night and tried to tell him how very much I love him. I just hope he adjusts well when the new baby arrives. His happiness is foremost in my mind right now. Keep us in your thoughts!



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4 responses to “Just….waiting

  1. I have been thinking about you! Big hugs XXX I am so excited to “meet” baby elmo!

  2. I’m thinking about you too. Keep checking in to see when Elmo makes the big appearance! Thinking about Morgan too, and betting he’s going to be the world’s best big brother.

  3. I’ll bet Morgan is going to be a great big brother! Thinking about you- can’t wait to meet Elmo!!

  4. Melody

    Checking in nightly and here if she doesn’t wait for your’ “well laid plans” starting date! Just call me and I’ll zip over to keep Morgan and Claire bear company until Grandma arrives. XOXO

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