We’re still here!

Sorry that the posts have been so sporadic. We are still here!

Morgan has had a fever/virus type illness since Sat night. We had been out earlier that evening with some new staff members from J’s work and had a great time…which was much needed as Leighton Bug had been nursing non stop for about three days and nights and I was wrecked. I think whenever she has a growth spurt life just gets crazy.

So, flash to later Sat night and Leighton actually falls deeply asleep at 10pm and I am ready to DIVE under the covers. Morgan starts crying and complaining that his tummy hurts. He ends up in our bed–never a good thing when you are in desperate need of sleep. He spends the entire night tossing and turning and crying out, develops a fever somewhere around 3am and I end up in Morgan’s twin bed across the hall with the baby around 4am.

He’s been sleeping a lot during the day. This is a sure sign that something is wrong with the little guy! Today I kept him home from school and we went for a short walk down the street to take a thank you card to a friend and then he developed a rash around his neck and under one arm. Weird! It seems like every time Morgan catches a virus/fever we get a rash.

That’s life here in a nutshell. Constant nursing and Morgan being under the weather. The only great thing happening is that I will pass the 8 week mark on breastfeeding on Wednesday and that means we are only 4 weeks away from the magical “life will get easier point” that my friends keep talking about at 12 weeks. 

 It’s been hard to nurse a high needs baby and chase Morgan over the past two months so I am hoping that our feeding schedule will ease up soon and that I will be feeding the little miss every 3-5 hours vs every 1-3 hours.


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  1. Yikes! Hope life eases up for you soon.

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