WordPress has been conspiring against me–I’ve tried posting twice over the past weekend and cannot get any photos loaded or text saved. Not sure what is going on…whether or not our crapped out laptop or poor internet connection has anything to do with it?

I ordered a Mac today! Cannot wait to make the switch and live a virus free life…computerwise 🙂

I’m happy this week–although super tired. The peanut has been sleeping alot during the day and eating alot at night.

J and I have started to load up two strollers and take the kiddos walking in the evenings. It has gone a long way towards helping Morgan wind down in the evening. He’s been crazy for attention with the new baby–which is understandable but exhausting. Enjoying a walk in the hills/views of the mountains which are green during the rainy season has been wonderful! Morgan relaxes and is about as quiet as a three year old chatterbox is likely to be while awake…giving Jeremy and I some much needed time for conversation.

Leighton is usually lulled to sleep after about 15 minutes of smiling at the sky. She seems to enjoy her time out of the house as well. I love it!

We’re also cooking again now that Leighton is spacing out her meal times a bit. Each week gets a bit easier with multitasking and nursing. Last night, J played with Morgan while Leighton napped and I whipped up some mediterranean turkey burgers (Cooking light 2010). I know! Meatless Monday did not happen–but sometimes we switch it around to Meatless Tuesday or Wednesday. As long as the vegetarian dish happens weekly I feel like we are keeping our end of the bargain.
More soon–hopefully with photos.


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  1. I love the idea of the daily walk! Such a nice way to just get out and enjoy each other 🙂

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