Technical Issues slowly resolving

What a week! We got the new computer but noticed that it was just SOOOO FREAKING SLOW.  Downloads were taking days to complete and Jeremy of little faith was complaining that I had made another bad decision in switching to a MAC. I had long suspected that our modem was a huge part of the problem as I always seemed to be rebooting the darn thing and the signal light would blink non-stop. We never seemed to have a decent signal.

So, today the cable guys showed up to switch us to wireless and made the shocking discovery that our modem was a 1999 model that had been issued to us 3 years ago when it was already out dated. The guy basically confirmed that it couldn’t receive any of the updates that had been put out and that we had been losing speed and performance as time went on. AHA!  Now tell me why they didn’t recall these shitty modems? Or…why did they give us the shitty modem in the first place?

New laptop with webcam- CHECK. Now we can skype with family without the crappy add on camera falling off of the computer or getting disconnected.

New Wireless connection: Check. Now I can blog in other rooms besides the office! A true plus with kids. Morgan destroys this room at every opportunity…opening file cabinets and making lassos out of cords. I am freeeeee!

Still on the to do list–updating Flickr account. For some oddball reason my pay p@l account has been showing an error message and even though I’m calling and leaving nasty grams we still have unresolved issues even though my bank account has been charged for 3 years of services over the past few weeks. SIGH.

Also need to transfer all of my photos and files to the new computer. Any MAC people with tips on doing this? I have an external hard drive. Can I just load it up and plug it in? What about word documents to i work? Will it all be lost?



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5 responses to “Technical Issues slowly resolving

  1. jjohnstonmyers

    Macs don’t have a true equivalent to Word. iWork’s Pages is great, but it is more of a page layout software than a word processing tool. You can buy Word/MS Office for Mac though.

    If you have an external drive it should work to transfer files that way. There are more complicated means of transferring via various cables, but that is tedious and confusing if you are a tech person.

    Good luck, & welcome to the world of apple!

  2. I have Office for Macs, and you do need it. If you’re used to Word, you’ll want to stay with Word… Apple’s WP programs aren’t the same.
    I think photos will upload no problem… I’m so not a techie, so Macs are just right for dummies like me 🙂

  3. mostlymorgan

    Thanks, ladies! I was wondering how crucial the office for Macs would be!

  4. I think it’s definitely worth it to buy word for the mac – I haven’t even tried the mac WP programs. And once you plug in your external, your photos should automatically upload to iphoto (which I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with!)

    Welcome to the world of mac’s – you definitely made the right choice!

    (oh, and yes, I absolutely love the swaddling blankets – I pretty much bought a couple of each item on their website. I’m addicted!)

  5. i am still shocked that you have survived with a 1999 modem….and NO WIRELESS!!! you MUST be superwoman! welcome to the world of freedom in blogging and websurfing at the time and location of your choosing! by the way, i think you are looking just absolutely fabulous to not only have just had a baby, but to also now be mommy to 2 little ones, and still find time to do your hair and makeup and pick out matching clothes!!! 🙂

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