Today was not the best day.

I overslept…dropped Morgan off 30 minutes late for preschool…and then noticed that my car was flashing a light for low tire pressure. I thought it might just be a change in pressure due to the crazy summer heat and took it to a nearby tire store to have them check the air. Turned out, I had a slow leak in the side of the tire that could not be repaired. Translation: I had to buy a new SUV tire. Not cheap!

The tire guy told me that they didn’t carry my brand and that he didn’t think it would work to replace an all wheel drive SUV tire with the wrong one. He offered to order something for next week. I offered to call the dealership to see if they had what I needed in stock.  I called–they did–but they couldn’t put the new tire on this week because they were so busy. So, I agreed to drive over 20 miles on my spare (on the front right tire) to pick up the new one and then drive it back to the tire store so that they could put it on. Did I mention that I had Leighton with me??

I was scared to death, driving cross town on the free way with my hazards on. I thought at any moment the spare would explode and that we would have an accident. I probably looked insane. My car is brand new, less than 4000 miles on it, and I’m going 45 on the free way. Actually, since I live on the border we probably blend in.

We made it and Leighton mercifully had been asleep through the visits to two mechanics and the 40+ miles of driving. My luck could not hold out while we were waiting for the new tire to be installed and I had to nurse her in the tire store. I didn’t think that this would be a big deal as I had a nursing cover and was seated behind a display of brochures.  What I did not count on was the creepy guy behind the counter who immediately came to stand in front of me and told me that he thought breastfeeding “Was a beautiful thing” and proceeded to STAND…AND STARE.

What the???

I told him thanks and kept feeding my baby. He kept standing there, transfixed. He made some small talk about children changing your life. I made some small talk in reply. He kept standing there…..DUDE.

I started to blush, I might have mumbled. I could not for the life of me figure out why he would not go away. Nothing was on display, yet I could not help but feel more exposed than I have ever felt in my life! I was more awkward than the time that I got crazy and wore a thong bikini in Puerto Rico in my twenties. What was his deal??

Leighton finally finished her lunch and needed to be burped. The guy stood there while I adjusted my top under the nursing cover and put her on my shoulder and patted her back. Once there was absolutely NO CHANCE of seeing an exposed breast, he finally went on to work.

Since when did nursing a child become a spectator sport? I had read about some of the awkward experiences women have had while nursing and thought it was just so odd that something so natural would cause such drama. Grow up world!! This is how babies should be fed. Nothing sexy about it!



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4 responses to “Ick…

  1. I’m so sorry, but you had me laughing out loud at this yokel-dude who stared at you the whole time. The creepy thing is that he WAS probably hoping for a peep show. HOW AWKWARD!!!
    And girl? A thong?! You *are* brave!

  2. bunnysmom

    what a creeper!!!! Ewwwwww! Sorry about the freak and the sucky day!

  3. Yeah, that is just creepy. People can be so bizzare.

  4. So extremely creepy. I really didn’t like breastfeeding in public because of the creepy people factor.

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