When you don’t sleep

It’s best not to post.

I’m operating on 2 hours of zzz’s at best and I have started this post 3 times.

It’s 12:41pm and I have not brushed my hair. I’ve had a diet coke and a Starbucks and I am still bumping into furniture.

Bear with us. We are experiencing a growth spurt.

The way we were….

Regularly scheduled blogging should resume in a day or so.

Until then, pray that I don’t plow the mom mobile into a parked car or something stupid as I adjust to life with two children under the age of four and slower reflexes. For some dastardly reason growth spurts always seem to occur when daddy works longer hours and Morgan decides to act like he’s had a six pack of 5 hour energy drink.


Feel free to mock the one sentence paragraphs and the fact that Morgan and I ate breakfast in the car at Sonic this morning.

I have discovered the remedy to not being able to handle the infant carrier and score McDonald’s when we oversleep. Now, the mo-man and I merely drive up to the car hop area of Sonic and wait as some kid on roller skates wheels out our grilled cheese to share. I put Morgan in the front seat next to me and we have some serious quality time over tater tots and the aforementioned grilled cheese.

The best part?  We still get a toy with our breakfast! Viva Sonic!

Hiding the bags under my eyes

Behold, the full set of under eye baggage.

It takes a lot of courage to leave the house like this my friends!



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2 responses to “When you don’t sleep

  1. pursuit of poppy

    Ugh, when does the sleep dept. get better?!?! And stay better?!?!

  2. Ugghh…it sounds like you are handling things the best you can with such little sleep. I hope you get some good sleep soon. Your kiddos are just adorable!

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