So nice to see ya!

I decided to finally go to work this morning. I’m a consultant, and it’s been a while since I physically checked in at the office. I’m pretty comfortable in my stay at home mama groove that involves jeans, flip flops, and the occasional baby spit up. Jewelry and hair brush are optional in my world!

So, after getting dressed and dropping Morgan off at preschool, Leighton and I made the trip cross town to work to start planning my schedule for reviews this year. Sounds like some things have changed with the review process and it was nice to get the scoop while oohing and ahhing over how much Leighton has grown since my last visit.

I’m hoping to gradually increase my hours over the next year to feel like an actual “part time” employee rather than an “occasional” one.

(This post interrupted to make dinner for Morgan. We shall see how I actually plan to increase my working time!)


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