Six Months Update, Leighton

Has it really been six months?? Seems like yesterday that my little one looked like this:

My baby girl in her “Newborn” sized outfit that was too big for her. Oh the sweetness!!

We’ve survived hourly feedings, the super scary days when she was so tiny that I was frankly scared of her….and now everything is just magic. She coos, she smiles, she giggles at her big brother and I love her to pieces.

I love the way she wraps her arms around my neck when I pick her up and how she has started kissing my face and cheeks with these awesome little fish lips. She is not above pinching/squeezing her big brother to bring him closer and delights in his antics. Yesterday, he got into her exersaucer and did this whole bouncing and button pushing routine to her amazement. Leighton just squealed and laughed enjoying every minute of the silliness.

On good nights, my girl sleeps from 10pm until 4 or 5am…but sometimes she is still up every few hours to nurse. She likes her food more than any little one I know and has never been one to sleep for hours at a stretch. She’s a diva who likes undivided attention, grabbing chopsticks at Chinese restaurants and holding your gaze from several feet away lest you dare look away from her.

She’s recently started solids–enjoying all things mixed with breast milk and making awful faces if mommy can’t pump and uses formula instead. Leighton’s favorite seems to be sweet potatoes and she wasn’t a huge fan of Morgan’s favorite: avocado.

Leighton rolled over during Thanksgiving weekend but hasn’t repeated it. I’m sure it was just to prove that she could! She delights in lights, sounds, textures, and loves board books and when Morgan and Mommy sing to her. My dad scored points by charming her with singing softly in her ear and Jeremy has started to try some of Papa’s tricks (buzzing like a bee) to make her laugh.

sleeping bug with Nana Carol

resisting all attempts at pictures–oh well. My hair and the humidity did not agree either on that particular day!

or perhaps she just doesn’t like to share the spotlight?!?

Happy 6 months, sweet girl! You are so loved.



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4 responses to “Six Months Update, Leighton

  1. bunnysmom


  2. pursuit of poppy

    Leighton sounds like such a sweetie! And couldn’t be any more adorable either! Can’t believe it’s been 6 months already!

  3. I love all her fancy head apparel! 🙂

  4. What a sweet little girl. Adorable too! Happy 6 months Leighton!

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