It’s yer berfday…

It was a WONDERFUL birthday.

Jeremy gave me a dozen beautiful yellow roses and a gift certificate good for a half day of pampering at my favorite spa. Just the idea of kissing the munchkins goodbye and getting a mani/pedi/facial/massage/lunch sounds like pure heaven. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Morgan gave me a card with this HUGE “#1 Mom” button that Jeremy says he picked out himself. I love it! Leighton, not to be outdone…filled her diaper during the present opening….but that’s ok. It was a great beginning to a wonderful day!

We enjoyed hot coffee, slow cooked oatmeal garnished with walnuts, bananas, and brown sugar. Morgan and I worked his new dinosaur puzzle and Leighton played happily on the floor. We stayed in our pajamas until time for me to go to the salon to get my hair done for our big night out.  The stylist worked her  magic and I left feeling glamorous and less mommy like.

I bought a new dress from Mod Cloth that I absolutely love! I debated on whether or not it was too short…but with black tights and fantastic patent heels it made me feel leggy and sexy. I also broke out the gorgeous Lockheart Valentina bag that I received for Christmas and was feeling stylish indeed. We were leaving the cookie pants and the jersey cardigans on the shelf this night!

Not our best photo…but I know my mother will be mad if I don’t post it.

We met up with friends for cocktails at a local martini bar and I was given a complimentary shot of “Chocolate Cake” and a party hat. Jeremy might have cursed the bartender for the rest of the evening as I do NOT do shots…especially after spending the last 19 months pregnant/nursing. My tolerance is LOW LOW LOW. I was having a very good time by the time we got to the sushi place.

The Japanese grill is a great way to break the ice with shy friends. We cheered our chef as he tossed ingredients into the air and made a volcano out of an onion while enticing the table to sing Happy Birthday to me. I drank Sake, ate sushi, lobster, and filet mignon…because let’s face it…it’s my berfday!

Best of all, Jeremy got up with the baby that night so that I could sleep. I couldn’t nurse after drinking and Leighton was a champ. She took the bottle with little fuss and slept well.



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3 responses to “It’s yer berfday…

  1. Sounds *perfect.* Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Girlie! Sounds like you had a great one!

  3. pursuit of poppy

    Happy Birthday! You look fantastic and it sounds like you had a perfect night!

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