Sleep Thief

Leighton was up at 4:30 this morning. I fed her and waited to drift off…it didn’t happen. Jeremy left for work and I got out of bed, thinking that I could at least get dressed and fix my hair since I had resolved to look a bit better in the new year. I put on make-up, I curled my hair, and I got dressed. I got the kids to school on time (for once) and Morgan’s teacher commented “You look tired.”

Really? Nothing about the make-up…the hair…my great knee boots and skinny jeans?!?

Guess nothing replaces a good night’s sleep!



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2 responses to “Sleep Thief

  1. jjm

    All she had to say was “You look tired”?!?!? The nerve of some people. Clearly she was just resentful of your fabulous hair and the boots you were rockin’.

  2. That little face… so adorable!
    And seriously? Who says “you look tired”??? SO not what a tired mama wants to hear, esp after gussying up!

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