The Play Kitchen

My best friend Michelle is wonderful. Not only did she volunteer to drive with me cross country about 5 years ago during my first pregnancy–steering my VW convertible through a hurricane in Tennessee and tolerating my 24/7 morning sickness…she also LOVES MY KIDS.  Aunt Chelle helped paint Morgan’s mural for his room, showed up to help during the last week of my pregnancy, and she gives AWESOME presents 🙂

Leighton’s Christmas present arrived last night and I have delighted in seeing my two little ones play together. This little Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Play Kitchen is the cutest thing ever! The sink makes noise, the light turns on and off, the oven makes noise, and the little burner alternately “sizzles” or “boils” depending on which way you turn the pot. There are tiny groceries and pots and spoons. It is so cool!

Morgan immediately tried to take possession of it–edging little sister out by putting his body between her and the coveted kitchen. After a moment or two, Leighton was left chewing on a spoon while Morgan cooked. She didn’t seem to mind, but we had a discussion on how “nice” Leighton was sharing her toy and that it wasn’t nice of Morgan to block her from touching it. He grudgingly scooted over but hoarded the groceries and pan.

I left the room to grab Morgan’s clothes for preschool and when I returned I heard him singing the “ABC’s”. I love to hear him when he thinks no one is watching. I rounded the corner and saw him rocking and dancing while singing directly to Leighton. She just lit up. Her admiration for big brother is a mighty thing. Oh how she loves him!

Equal access to the kitchen!

Morgan noticed me watching and gave me the sweetest smile. “We can share Mama!”

His bright little chirpy voice made me laugh. “I’m glad you thought of it,” I told him.



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  1. Carol

    Precious Babies!!! I love them! They will be best friends “most of the time.” LOL. Aunt Chelle did a great job of picking out a gift that both of them will love.

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